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Highly informative, concise, practicable, and easy-to-understand collection of books written for YOU

The right information is what you need to move from your present state to your desired state of accomplishment in all aspects of your life, especially in your finances. The books we have in our collection not only guides you through the process of making money online, but also helps you plan your life so you can fully enjoy your wealth and live a fulfilled life.

ReThink Social Media

This book will guide you on practical steps to build a highly profitable online business using the power of the social media. You will get to learn the uniqueness of each of the major social media handles and how to use them to your advantage. You will also find simple but powerful strategies of social media wealth creation that most people disregard. This, here, is your million-dollar goldmine.

ReThink Remoting

Remote working isn’t a new innovation, but it became far more widespread during the global pandemic. Advances in technology have combined with the rise of knowledge work to make remoting a widely accepted way of working effectively. Many are reluctant to go back to their old ways of working having realised the benefits that remoting unleashes in their lives. In RETHINK Remoting, we will guide you through how you can achieve each of these things. We will share the enormous benefits that can be gained through remote working as a catalyst for your personal reinvention. We will introduce our RETHINK model which guides you through every aspect of the process of setting yourself up for successful remoting. Most crucially, we will demonstrate how you can embrace the remoting revolution, letting it be the key to your personal reinvention.


We have heard it ALL before when it comes to our health being our wealth, right?
In today’s society of information overload, what could possibly be left unsaid when it comes to improving our health and well being? Despite knowing and understanding the basics of what we should and should not do, literally billions of people continue to struggle with their health, both physical and mental on a daily basis. Perhaps we have been looking at health from a perspective that has been setting us up for failure from the outset. In ReThink Health, we explore how you can live an invigorating, fulfilled life for longer. We combine the well established tenets of physical health with the latest breakthroughs in beauty, resilience, longevity and success in a meaningful and practical way. This book is aimed at small business owners and invites the reader to not only feel excited about taking control of their health, but also realise that they 100% can do this!

The ReThink Planner

This is a perfect book for anyone who needs to prioritise, plan and effectively
manage time to increase productivity. The NEW RETHINK must-have Daily
Planner helps you:
If you find yourself too busy for your liking and in a constant battle to “find time”, using this planner book can liberate you and help you gain mastery over the factors of time. You’ll find time to be your friend at the end!

Rethink Money for Kids & Teens

This book teaches the concept of money and the principles wealth creation in the simplest language that a child of 3 can understand. This book helps the child or teen in your life become financially smart. Children will learn from this highly interactive material how to manage finances, invest smart and save more.

ReThink Time Management (Audio Book)

The ReThink Time Management is one of Paul O’Mahony’s sensational books that has created buzz on the subject matter. This audio recording is a phenomenally practical guide that gives you a step-by-step set of inspiring actions to a more productive, mission-based life.

If you have a whole lot of things to do during your day; juggling between work, friends, family, hobbies and self-development, this book is for you. Paul O’Mahony uses his years of experience in coaching successful people worldwide to provide you a practical guide on how you can take control of and manage your life.

The presentation style is very logical, but provokes deep
emotional feelings that stir you to take necessary actions, make needed changes and overall become a better person. A must listen.

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