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The ReThink Academy empowers you to ReThink and create an extraordinary life, by Learning through our easy to follow step-by-step Courses, Workshops & Coaching Programs, so you can Earn Consistent Online Income, Accelerate your results, and prosper in all areas of life.
At The ReThink Academy, you will be taught  and mentored by experienced entrepreneur coaches, who themselves have built 6 and 7 figure online businesses.

Time to RETHINK your Future, or:

The choice is yours really, but we’d rather you choose to chart your course towards a much better life, not having to be in any of the situations listed above. We’ll teach you to make a whole new difference. Get started now!

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The right information, mentorship, and step-by-step guidance that will help you:


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The ReThink

Education Model

Here at The ReThink Academy we know that you want to be a Successful Online Entrepreneur. 

In order to do that, you need the education and support to make money online. The problem is there is too much information and misinformation which makes you feel confused, concerned and worried about your finances and future. We believe you deserve a straightforward proven easy to follow process. We understand because in 2009 our CEO, Paul O’Mahony, was dealing with the exact same dilemma and challenges, in fact most of our coaches have also been in the exact same situation, but they all had their ReThink Moment! We want you to experience yours.

The Best Fit Online Income Model For You

There are many ways to generate online income. It can get very confusing and we’ve seen that people either select the wrong model or try and work on too many different models. We can help you determine the most ideal model based on your background and experience. Let us help you take the guess work out of the equation. No matter your background or prior experience, there’s an online income model that’s a good match for you.

ReThink Academy

Coaching Programs

Since 2014 we’ve trained over 9,000 people in 34 different countries to learn how to use Social Media to generate online income, and have coached over 900 people, and helped many to build 5 and 6 figure businesses. So, if you’re ready to ReThink your life, schedule a call with one of our ReThink Online Income Coaches (aka. ROI Coaches) Today. They will help you select the best income model that’s a match for you.  In the meantime, go ahead and download the ReThink Online Income Guide, The 7 Keys To Generating Consistent Passive Income From Social Media so you can stop being confused about how to use social media to make money online, stop worrying about your financial future, and instead start your journey to generate consistent online income, pay off your debts, and start living the laptop lifestyle.

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Each week the best of the best share their wisdom with academy members.

Digital Product Creation Expert

Shaa Wasmund, MBE

Neuroscience & Super Brain Performance

John Assaraf

Bestselling Author, Business Coach

Raymond Aaron

Coaching & Consultantcy

Shawn Casey

Digital Marketing & Funnel Conversion

Mike Filsaime

Online Niche Domination

Alicia Lyttle

The Wealth Chef' - Wealth Creation Expert

Ann Wilson Peter

Best Selling Author & World Renowned Mindset Transformation Expert

Dr. John DeMartini

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