Jake Davey

Jake is the UK’s Leading Instagram Marketing Expert; he helps entrepreneurs and business owners build authority and be seen as the go-to expert in their industry on Instagram, by helping them get their first 10,000 followers on Instagram without paid advertising.

InstaGalactic is his Flagship program. It follows a proven, 6-Step ROCKET system and shows people how to explode their brand on Instagram so they can impact on a global scale. The online training program has created a long list of remarkable success stories including:

  • James, who generated a 10,000% return on his investment with
  • Fiona, who 11x the number of clients in her fitness business. Abi, who went from zero to 12,000 Instagram followers and now has a modelling contract as a result!
  • Louis, who landed 5 clients in just 4 weeks after getting support with his
    Instagram account.
  • Lucy, who receives daily requests about influencer opportunities from travel, to make up, to beach wear and hotel stays – all so she can share the journey with her 14,000 die-hard fans on Instagram.